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Having influence is not about elevating one's self, but about lifting others and mentoring them through inspiration.

Local Influential-Chicago introduces residents to local area influencers who are making a difference in the lives around them by following their passion and believing in themselves, despite obstacles that are presented along the way. Behind each and every establishment is someone inspirational who has a unique story to share.

Each story is compelling, sharing a unique path to success. Our featured local influencers provide inspiration and words of wisdom for residents who share their passion for leading a success-driven lifestyle, both personally and professionally.

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PAMELA & BILL COSLET of GENEVA | Local Couple With a Love for Home Design

Local Infuential-Chicago, Pamela and Bill Coslet, Vineayrd Chic Kitchens


Out of a Love for Redesigning their Own Home After Losing It in a Terrible Fire, Vineyard Chic Kitchens was Born

WEST SUBURBAN CHICAGO–In 2008, a fire destroyed Bill and Pamela Coslet’s house. While it was devastating, they realized that it gave them a chance to rebuild what would become their dream home. They designed and built their own home without the help of a builder. During the experience, they realized that they loved the entire design and build process, and since they also loved to visit wineries, Vineyard Chic Inc. (also known as Vineyard Chic Kitchens) was born.

They have built their business with a personal touch attained from their own experiences; and even though, Pam had been a manager for many years for a large corporation and her husband, Bill had done various things including "flipping houses", they weren't prepared for the amount of product and service knowledge that was needed for their new company. Thankfully, they were able to gain that knowledge very quickly though through researching, attending classes, and trial and error.

They started their business in 2009 during the housing market crunch by offering an affordable option using existing cabinets. Since that time, they've added more product and service options, including new cabinetry to meet the needs of a wider variety of clientele. Maintaining profitability with the changing marketplace, environment, and trends is always an ongoing challenge; but, they understand their client’s desire for a high end look without the high end prices.

The couple feels extremely proud of their business growth that has led to the opening of their daughter’s own branch of Vineyard Chic in Madison WI. She is living proof that everything Pamela and Bill have done so far has been worth the effort.



"Vineyard Chic, now a multifaceted design build and construction firm based in Geneva, Illinois began with a simple business strategy in 2009; offer an affordable yet luxurious solution to improve the outdated existing kitchen and bath without necessarily replacing the cabinets. Today, Vineyard Chic offers a team of industry experts in construction and interior design who specialize in kitchens and bathrooms. These experts collaborate with their clients to create and deliver functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces both as replacements for existing and for newly built structures. The company’s service focuses on every aspect of the construction delivery process, from initial budgeting and planning, to coordination and quality control during construction, to completion." -Pamela Coslet​


  • Kitchen and Bath Design for Homeowners and Commercial Spaces

  • New Kitchen and Bath Build for New Construction

  • Kitchen, Bath, Wine Cellar, Basement and Whole House Remodeling

  • Custom and Semi-Custom Cabinetry

  • Custom Trim, Moldings, Range Hoods and Islands

  • Quartz, Marble, Wood and Granite Coutertops - Material and Installation

  • Custom Cabinet Inserts, Hardware, Glass and Accoutrement and A myriad of Color Choices

  • Transitional Style Experts


"Be thorough and do the job better than any of your competitors. Be (or hire) a concierge to assure your clients stay happy and satisfied. And, most importantly, have enough cash in the bank for those slow months." -Pamela Coslet​



  • Created Kitchen for HGTV Episode, Meg's Great Rooms - 2013

  • Glancer Magazine - Best Designer - years - 2013-14

  • Design Award, Remodeling Magazine, Best Kitchen Remodel Under $50,000 - 2016

  • Best of Houzz, 2017

  • Featured Kitchen 2018 - W.W. Wood Products Magazine (upcoming)

  • Kitchen Design Workshop - Old House New House Show 2014, 2016

  • Kitchen Design Trends Article in Old House New House Show Magazine - 2018 (upcoming show Feb. 2018)


Vineyard Chic, Inc.

211 James Street

Geneva, Ilinois 60134

(630) 262-0135


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