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Having influence is not about elevating one's self, but about lifting others and mentoring them through inspiration.

Local Influential-Chicago introduces residents to local area influencers who are making a difference in the lives around them by following their passion and believing in themselves, despite obstacles that are presented along the way. Behind each and every establishment is someone inspirational who has a unique story to share.

Each story is compelling, sharing a unique path to success. Our featured local influencers provide inspiration and words of wisdom for residents who share their passion for leading a success-driven lifestyle, both personally and professionally.

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KRISTIN ANDERSON of NAPERVILLE | A Local Wedding Planner With a Big Heart


Inspired by the Movie "The Wedding Planner", this Local Entrepreneur Decided to Make a Life Change and Pursue Her Dream of Planning Weddings and Events

WEST SUBURBAN CHICAGO–She first gained a certification in Wedding Planning and went on to earn a Masters Certification in Event Management, but getting started in a new business was difficult. It took Kristin seven long years to finally get to where she wanted to be and keeping up-to-date with the latest bridal trends each year continues to take hours of time to plan 25-30 unique events a year. “I had to learn to have lots of patience and not give up,” she says. “I learned you can do anything you want to if you put your mind to it!”

Although wedding planning can be stressful, the rewards of a happy client always make it worth it; but, there was one thing at the end of each wedding that continued to bother Kristin. She always noticed how much food was going to waste.

“It literally was just being thrown in the garbage, so one day we decided why not donate it to people in need,” she said. “In the past two years, we have already donated about 50 times to local Chicagoland Homeless shelters and fed over 1650 people!” There is usually enough food to feed between 30-50 people with just the left overs. Additionally, many venues are even donating extra meals for her to bring to the shelters.

Her clients have been very responsive to the idea and the actually process of bringing the food to the shelters has been life changing for Kristin since she also gained her own food handlers license and a refrigerator so she can handle the food, and control the temperatures, ensuring it remains safe during transportation.

“Everyone is selfish in some way and this has made me be realize that we all take things for granted,” she says. “When I saw the children eating food they have never seen before it literally made me cry! It made me be a totally different person and appreciate everything in life!”

Her goal is to spread this to as many people as possible. She wants more venues, brides and groom and other planners to do this too! “Can you imagine all the people we could feed if everyone does this?” As Helen Keller said "Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much".



"I am a Certified Wedding Consultant with a Master Certification in event management and Owner of Weddings and Events by Kristin. With over 10 years in business I am here to help people plan the wedding or party of their dreams! Whether planning a large scale wedding, the perfect baby shower, or a Holiday party, Weddings and Events by Kristin will exceed your expectations. Blending together creativity, advice, assistance, and inspiration, with precise attention to detail, and an easy going personality, my team can help with everything from planning your entire event, day of coordination, and everything in between. We offer 4 packages, an hourly rate, and can customize a package to fit your needs. Weddings and Events by Kristin serves the entire Chicagoland area and beyond."

–Kristin Anderson


  • Event Planning

  • Wedding Planning,

  • Event Management

  • Corporate Planning


"Don't give up!! My parents always taught me to never give up and follow my dreams! I don't give up on anything easily! There were points in my career that I would wonder if I should just give up but so glad I didn't. Schooling is also important take the time while you are trying to build your business and go to school. I have two different certifications in wedding planning and one in event management and it has helped me so much at executing weddings and events." –Kristin Anderson



  • Wedding Planning Certification

  • Master Certification in Event Management

  • 2015, 2016 and 2017 Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award


Weddings and Events By Kristin

Wheaton, IL

(708) 268-7528


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