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Having influence is not about elevating one's self, but about lifting others and mentoring them through inspiration.

Local Influential-Chicago introduces residents to local area influencers who are making a difference in the lives around them by following their passion and believing in themselves, despite obstacles that are presented along the way. Behind each and every establishment is someone inspirational who has a unique story to share.

Each story is compelling, sharing a unique path to success. Our featured local influencers provide inspiration and words of wisdom for residents who share their passion for leading a success-driven lifestyle, both personally and professionally.

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MANSI HANS of NAPERVILLE | The Inspiration For A Colorful Affair


Local Mom Dedicates Her Days to Inspiring Children through Her Unique Art Business

NAPERVILLE– “I'M NOT CREATIVE” These words are the inspiration behind Mansi’s work. Her 7-year-old daughter came home from school one day saying “Mom, I’m sorry I let you down. You are an Artist and I got a B- in art. I’m not creative anymore”.

Her child’s words were revealing a sad truth. At home, in school, with peers - we constantly push kids to win a medal, come in first, and get an A. And when they get anything less than that - they start believing they are not good enough. Judgement, boundaries, limitations are set.

“Saying I’m not creative because I can’t draw, sing or dance is limiting,” Mansi says. “Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas and believing that one is not creative hinders in the pursuit of knowledge, discovery and innovation. Creativity also encourages empathy, kindness and is a positive outlet to release stress and anxiety.

When Mansi decided to start her business, the hardest part was not having a pre-built template or cheat sheet. Everything in her company has been created grounds-up - structuring a concept, researching 100’s of vendors, educating the community about who they are, and bringing families in the door – it’s all been a long journey. It has also been difficult to maintain a steady advertising and marketing budget to create awareness among local families about their specialties; but, knowing that families love to create and witnessing first-hand the impact her small business makes in spreading the joy of creative self-expression, makes it all worth it. In the end, she is able to see a sense of wonder and accomplishment when kids and adults realize that they are actually creative!

Mansi continues pursuing her dreams even beyond her A Colorful Affair. She has taken her creative ideas to Shark Tank and was 1 among 300 selected from over 40,000 that made pitches. Although she didn’t make it to the final televised round, she learned valuable lessons along the way and will use the experience to reflect, grow, and succeed!



"A Colorful Affair was born out of a need for creative self-expression without judgement and boundaries, so kids and adults can create with their hands and expand a creative mindset - crucial for everyday success in this highly innovative world of ours. Our studio offers hands-on experiences like fused glass making, mosaics, canvas, wood, ceramics, soap, candle making and more. Creative DIY Kits and Party Kits encouraging at home creativity are shipped in the U.S. through Amazon and our website." –Mansi Hans


  • Parties & Events: Kids & Adults

  • Corporate Team Building & Events

  • Open Studio Time: reserve a time to create

  • Shipping creative DIY kits and party kits throughout the country to encourage at home creativity


"Starting and running a business is like getting on a roller coaster - up and down and down and up. Passion is important. It sets a strong foundation to build on. While long term goals and big dreams are great, you will get there if you remain focused on everyday tasks; daily goals and weekly check ins about the health of your idea. Planning and execution are key and be prepared to fail, cry, laugh and rejoice - all at the same time." –Mansi Hans



  • Working with local schools supporting PTA fundraisers, and creating with special needs kids and adults

  • Our logo was featured on the Nasdaq screen in March 2017

  • Working with industry giant Dell to engage over 400 employees in 4 countries to create murals encouraging creative team building

  • Expanding local brick & mortar operations beyond a 10-mile radius to sell Creative DIY kits and Party Kits all over U.S. on Amazon


A Colorful Affair

124 S. Webster Street #102

Naperville, IL 60540

(331) 229-8527


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